Smart Fabrication Lab

The Smart Fabrication Lab (FabLab) at the University of New Haven is housed in the Tagliatela College of Engineering. The FabLab, led by Dr. Omar Faruk Emon, aims to develop newer materials and systems for additive manufacturing. Its focus areas include additive manufacturing technologies, additive manufacturing of smart polymers, printed electronics, and 3D bioprinting.

Additive manufacturing could be employed to realize need-specific components. Our goal is to develop 3D printing solutions to fabricate them. We are working on system development and material development for printing active and responsive components. Our research outcome is expected to provide pathways to design and develop application-specific devices and customize them as needed. We believe that our research would enable on-demand fabrication, adjustments, and repairs in numerous applications such as robotics, prosthetics, and wearables. We are working to achieve not only the complex geometry of functional components but also a library of active materials to fabricate with them. 

Smart Polymers and 4D Printing

Printed Electronics

3D Bioprinting

AM Technologies

An Ionic Liquid-Based Sensor for Measuring Normal and Shear Force, published in Soft Robotics. Link.

Conformal 3D Printing of a Polymeric Tactile Sensor, published in Additive Manufacturing Letters. Link.

6/1/2023: Dr. Emon has been awarded the University Research Scholar (URS) appointment.

4/3/2023: Nick Babich receives the NSF travel award to present at NAMRC 51 conference at Rutgers University.

2/13/2023: Dr. Emon talks at the Engineering and Science University Magnet School at West Haven.

12/15/2022: Laila Solimon joins the Lab.

8/29/2022: Nicholas Demayo joins the Lab.

8/20/2022: Abid receives TCoE Endowed Graduate Fellowship!

8/4/2022: Abid Ali Junaid joins the Lab.

7/15/2022: Dr. Emon ran an engineering summer camp for middle schoolers with Dr. Horvat at UNH.

6/7/2022: Our lab is featured in charger news!  

6/1/2022: Our lab has been awarded the Summer Research Grant & Research Fund from UNH! 

4/15/2022: Nicholas Babich joins the Lab.

4/9/2022: Our Lab received NASA CT Space Grant! Learn more

Smart Fabrication Lab, Fall 2022